Hispanic Women Learning OnlineAre you looking for a way to get the training that you need to move ahead?

Would you like to find an easy way to learn new skills?

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Your P3 Learning Center gives you convenience, affordability, quality courses, and enhances your marketability.

Be Better! Get Better! Do Better!

The P3 Learning Center is an online learning platform that contains over 300 quality courses in a variety of subjects such as personal development, management and leadership, desktop computer skills, communication, information technology and a host of other subjects like project management and sales techniques.

These skills are required to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing knowledge economy.

To get traction in this world we live in, we need to hone our SKILLS!

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  • Be more competitive in the workforce!/Get that job!
  • Be prepared for that promotion!
  • Manage your time!
  • Be more organized!
  • Sharpen your axe!*

Now you can enjoy over 300 quality SkillSoft courses for your personal and professional development  for less than $1 per day.

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Whether you are just starting your career, or wish to advance your position, you will find the courses in The P3 Learning Center invaluable to your growth and prosperity.

It’s comprehensive. Choose the category that meets your needs and interests.

Take as many courses as you desire each month. Stop wherever you have to and when you return to the course it’ll pick up where you left off. So “time” is no excuse!

We are pleased to be able to offer this exceptional program of quality online training courses to families and individuals in our greater world community.  The courses are designed to increase knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of subjects.

The P3 Online Learning Center contains over 300 quality Skillsoft courses.

Here’s a short list of our catalog of courses:

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  • Desktop and Office Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Training
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Business Law
  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Safety Management
  • more>>

Refresh, brush up when you need it… for that presentation or project on the job; that new position opening up; your career change options; that paper for school.

Be Better! Get Better! Do Better! Take The Next Step!