Sales Training

From Executive-level Sale to Strategic Partnership

Description: Selling at an executive level doesn’t stop when the contract is signed. To develop the business and prevent attack from the competition, major accounts need nurturing. This course illustrates how knowledge of various corporate cultures will give you a customer compatible approach that safeguards and maximizes your account revenue. Duration: 4.0

Negotiating to Mutual Benefit

Description: The key to being a skilled negotiator is understanding the difference between negotiating and giving money away. This course demonstrates the stages and rules that will gain you a win/win solution, and with it long-term business. If you follow the guidelines set out here, you will be able to handle customer strategies and still close the deal on terms that keep both your company and your customer happy. Duration: 4.0

Prepare for Success

Description: The success of any executive-level sale is founded on the preparation that is completed before contact is made. Identifying what is likely to be required, and having that planned or in place in advance of the sale, are marks of a true professional. Based on practical methods and techniques, this course takes you through the initial stage of an executive-level sale, and shows how best to prepare for subsequent meetings and negotiations. Duration: 3.0

Presenting Your Proposition

Description: Even the most confident sales people can feel their self-assurance dissolve when required to make a formal sales presentation. This course is about giving you the confidence, not only to present, but also to get commitment from your customer. Demonstrating a structure that can be adapted to most situations, this course will equip you with the skills needed to deal with the most intimidating circumstances with consummate ease. Duration: 4.0

Progressing through the Complex Sale

Description: High-value purchases impact across the whole organization. So it’s not surprising that these buying decisions are made by those at the top. But getting to these decision-makers isn’t easy, which is why selling at an executive level is a more complex operation that requires all the resources of the highly skilled salesperson. This course is directed at supplying those resources. Duration: 4.0

Strategic Planning

Description: Selling high-value contracts is fiercely competitive, with buyers setting stringent criteria by which to judge prospective key suppliers. Success at this level requires knowledge of these criteria and an awareness of what will be required to ensure that your proposition is viewed most favorably. Using “stripped down” project management techniques, this course outlines the analysis and planning processes required to direct executive-level sale tasks and events towards a positive outcome. Duration: 3.5